“1711 – slave market set up at the foot of wall street”

quote from : Dorling Kindersley Travel Guides, New York, 2000. p.18.

new york city was second to charleston, south carolina, as the largest slave-trade port in america. today the legacy continues with prisons: 33% of african american men will be imprisoned during their lifetime.

fast forward to 2012 and :

1 in 3 Black Men Go To Prison? The 10 Most Disturbing Facts About Racial Inequality in the U.S. Criminal Justice System

1. While people of color make up about  30 percent  of the United States’ population, they account for  60 percent  of those imprisoned. The prison population grew by 700 percent from 1970 to 2005, a rate that is outpacing crime and population rates. The incarceration rates  disproportionately impact men of color : 1 in every 15 African American men and 1 in every 36 Hispanic men are incarcerated in comparison to 1 in every 106 white men.

2. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics,  one in three black men  can expect to go to prison in their lifetime. Individuals of color have a disproportionate number of encounters with law enforcement, indicating that racial profiling continues to be a problem. A report by the Department of Justice found that blacks and Hispanics were approximately  three times more likely to be searched during a traffic stop than white motorists. African Americans were twice as likely to be arrested and almost  four times as likely  to experience the use of force during encounters with the police.



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