Paul Harris of the guardian writes :

Why Michael Bloomberg vetoed the living wage

New York’s mayor enjoys a reputation as a liberal centrist, but his record shows the iron fist of a free-market fundamentalist

by: paul harris writing for the guardian, 9 june, 2012.

“Let’s just spell this out in stark terms. Bloomberg is the 20th richest man in the world. He owns 11 homes, including mansions in London, the ski resort of Vail, Colorado, and in Bermuda. Yet, he is prepared to veto a law that would have paid a maximum of $11.50 an hour to just 500 or so applicable ordinary, working-class New Yorkers, and only when the companies they labor for or using massive amounts of public funds. America’s financial elite – of which Bloomberg is a fully paid-up member – has been fond of crying “class war” in recent years.”

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