mike! ever heard of composting? cuts down on greehhouse gas emissions ya know.

“About half of household waste in New York City is organic matter, according to a 2004 assessment by the city’s sanitation department. Based on figures from the department’s 2008 annual report, New York City curbside trash puts over 100,000 tons of organic material into landfills in a typical month, nearly enough to fill Giants Stadium.

Composting that organic material would not only reduce landfill volume, it would also reduce greenhouse gas emissions. When organic matter decomposes in a landfill, the lack of available oxygen means the carbon in it becomes methane, or CH4, instead of carbon dioxide, or CO2. Per molecule, methane traps 21 times as much heat as carbon dioxide. Landfills were responsible for nearly a quarter of U.S. methane emissions in 2007, according to the EPA.

text from : making dirt out of dinner : new york city’s universities are turning kitchen scraps into compost, by katie peek, march 1, 2010.

to read the full text click: http://scienceline.org/2010/03/making-dirt-out-of-dinner/


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