so mike, this is your city?

u say u r pro gay marriage, – yet u slash funding for aids – guess who is affected most? people who can’t afford health-care. guess who that is? homelessness has skyrocketed since you became mayor even though in your second term u said u wanted 2 make poverty reduction yr major theme. guess who most of the poor homeless population is? u have not raised the minimum wage from the dismal $7.25, that even u, in yr state of the city address of january 2012, said was in need of adjustment, u vetoed city council’s living wage bill, u said u would do the same if a paid sick leave bill was proposed. u target black and latino youth 4 yr stop and frisk.

and while we r at it – u r anti gun – yet it was under yr leadership for the first time ever that nyc started selling the police department’s used bullet casing to an ammunition company – to recycle with new bullets to sell them… to the public.

seems to be a mismatch between how u present yrself – and what u actually do. maybe try alligning the 2?


aids : aids

aids : 107,000 New York City residents are living with HIV/AIDS, and the rate of infection in the city is three times the national average, AIDS is the third leading cause of death for city residents ages 35 to 54.

homeless: african american and latino new yorkers are  disproportionately affected by homelessness

prison: stop and frisk

prison : 1 in 3

poverty : no increase in $7.25 min. wage

poverty : no legislated sick leave

poverty: vetoed living wage bill


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