again… mike undercuts the working people of this “great” city

New York City school bus drivers may strike over job security

By Sandy English
8 January 2013

“On December 21, the city’s billionaire mayor, Michael Bloomberg, announced that when current contracts with private bus companies expire in July 2013 the city will accept competitive bids for 1,100 of its routes, about one sixth of the total.

The new bids do not require companies picked to observe seniority provisions or pay rates that workers now receive. These rights, won by workers after a 16-week strike in 1979, are known as the Employee Protection Provision (EPP).

Manuel Ruiz, with 12 years’ experience driving school buses, told the WSWS, “I have only special education students as passengers. I have training to deal with special education students. They want us to start at the bottom. They want to cut our salaries in half. I make $27,000 to $28,000 but they want to make it $14,000. We suffer in the economy, too. Who is saving money if they do this? Who is mugging us? How will we live?””

for full text click on link :


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