u think poverty and incarceration are not linked? u think people are treated as if they are innocent till found guilty? i quote from the nyt:

“A report by Human Rights Watch found that there were 19,137 nonfelony defendants arrested in the city who had bail set at $1,000 or less. The report found that 87 percent of the defendants in those cases did not post bail and went to jail to await trial. They remained for an average of 15.7 days.”
p. a22
Top Judge Says Bail Process In New York Isn’t Safe or Fair
by Russ Buettner
Wednesday february 6, 2013


sadly, many of these incarcerated individuals who cannot make bail are “encouraged” to plead guilty when their court appearance comes because they have already served the time that their crime would have entailed. so rather than stay in jail and wait for a trial date to be set, the poor plead guilty.


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