ink on paper

ink on bfk rives tan paper
dimensions: each square (containing a letter or not) is one inch by one inch, so count the squares and you got the size
click on image to enlarge

  nowhere2nd72     disempowered72             door72

hug72    madboutguns72   ohshit72    picture72         white72

    obama72        livewage72      mama172

fragil72      gottalove72     history72     disengaged72    racismo72        sick72   bday72      dissed72                 spills72                  nowhere72        2012okcrop72          lol72      rich172  howmany72        noguns72    dude72      home72    advantage72                        peso72     disappointed72         4665272        yoko72     dream72     4635372              negocio72    disheartened72    children72         street72         robford72    newdream72           difference72          frisk72    racism72           boutu72    holyshit372    plan72            disenchanted72


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