“You can arrive in your private jet at Kennedy Airport, take a private limousine and go straight to the shelter system and walk in the door and we’ve got to give you shelter.”

quote by: Bloomberg, from his weekly radio show on WOR-AM.


the least-expensive private jet i can hire (turbo prop?) is but a mere $1400/per hour. then add the limo on top, no hotel or food fees…man, i got it made!

starlink says i can rent a turbo prop and have 17 guests. $5150. one way – beverages and light snacks included. anyone wanna come? we could share the cost? then of course there is the limo…but that is gotta be cheaper. uh… and maybe we take the train-ride home?

coaltition for the homeless – gettin’ the word out


don’t know who did the postering for the coalition – but love the juxtaposition of greedy lying bastards.

to keep up-to-date with homelessness in new york city, go to : coalition for the homeless – read their news feed, educate yourself about callahan v. carey.  callahan v. carey – my favorite thing about nyc. this legislation makes law – and therefore into lived reality between people – what the statue of liberty symbolizes. the last two lines of the poem mounted on her pedestal read:

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

every new yorker should be bursting with pride that here, we do not step around or over those who have fallen, no, we hold out our hand and  lift the fallen up till they too can find the strength to walk.